Welcome! The Independent Small Programs Alliance (ISPA) is a strategic alliance of smaller, independent programs, which have joined together to provide the best possible services in education, treatment and therapy for children, youth and young adults.

Our members represent Wilderness Programs, Residential Treatment Programs, Latency Age Programs, Boarding Schools, Therapeutic Boarding Schools and Transitional Programs /Emerging Adult Programs.

About ISPA

ISPA is about the historical, current and future foundations of service provision to young people and their families. It is built on a belief that programs of all sizes, types and geographic locations should be evaluated and given credence not only because of their size, financial reach and static goals, but on competence, forward thinking, adaptability and unerring commitment to service to young people and families before all others.

Residential Treatment Centers - Where treatment, therapy and education are presented in a milieu of normalcy and understanding that individuals experience individual problems.

Transitional Programs -  ISPA Young Adult Programs lift up young adults by showing them that they can stand up and stand alone if willing to make the effort and shore up any weak areas.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools - Providing an environment for young people who need to be not only challenged, taught and helped academically, clinically and residentially, but quite simply, valued for self and understood.


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Exceptional Programs

As a parent or referring professional today you are faced with a growing number of choices related to school, treatment and specialized placement for your children and young adults. It is daunting.

There are many good programs at work today. Some are tiny, some quite large, and many small to medium in size. The Independent Small Programs Alliance is founded to provide a place for smaller programs of high quality, often undervalued and underused to make their presence and abilities known.

These programs make communication with all professionals working with your student/client a priority. Service to your student/client, family and involved professionals will be exceptional. Integrity and Ethics are not words used to draw attention or impress, they are words our members live by.