Andy Anderson Consulting (AAC) was developed to assist high quality programs in the areas of marketing, public relations, crisis communications, media relations, crisis plans, leadership development and program/resource development.

As evidenced by the phenomenal growth of NATSAP during Andy Anderson’s executive directorship, his goals of consolidation of the program industry and unification of programming standards have been accomplished. Andy now would like to continue to assist this industry by helping multiple programs that represent true value, although they are currently underutilized. Toward this end, Andy has created Andy Anderson Consulting and the Independent Small Programs Alliance (ISPA).

Areas of expertise for Andy Anderson Consulting include:

  • Marketing
  • Public relations – building strong ethical relationships winning confidence in your product/program/school
  • Crisis communications and planning
  • Communications – corporate internal and external
  • Management Systems – development and implementation
  • Media relations
  • Program/resource development
  • Film and video production
  • Program start-up and operation
  • Strategic business alliances and partnerships

Andy Anderson Consulting has a goal of matching these resources with less known programs that demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Ethical standards
  • Clinical and educational competence
  • Financial stability
  • A positive milieu
  • A sincere commitment to helping young people and their families
  • Forward thinking and progressive, non-bureaucratic

Contact Andy Anderson Consulting for information on joining ISPA, or for individual program consultation from AAC:

Andy Anderson, MRA
Independent Small Programs Alliance
Andy Anderson Consulting
1537 Lakeview Road, Clearwater, FL 33756
Phone 727-512-9144
Fax 727-445-9425