Cardinal Cushing Centers

Since 1947, Cardinal Cushing Centers has been a place where children and adults with disabilities have found possibilities, opportunities, and hope: the possibility to achieve greater levels of success in all areas of life; the opportunity to learn in nurturing, innovative and individualized programs; and, the hope that each tomorrow will bring personal fulfillment, new experiences, and shared happiness.

Cardinal Cushing Centers serves a diverse population of students and adults. Almost all of our students and adults have some developmental or intellectual delays covering the full spectrum of functioning levels. Many of our students also have secondary conditions including behavioral, emotional, and mental health concerns.

Located on two beautiful and bustling New England campuses, spread over more than 200 tree lined acres and neighboring communities, Cardinal Cushing Centers offers individuals something truly unique. Students are offered a continuum of learning experiences including educational, prevocational, vocational, day and residential programs adapted to meet the needs of each student.

Both day and residential programs provide a full complement of supportive services including educational and vocational assessments, physical, speech, and occupational therapies, adaptive physical education, art and music therapies, and recreation. In additional to community employment opportunities, our on-site vocational programs include, The Sister’s Inn, Bass Village Café, Consignment Shop, Bottle Redemption Center, Culinary Arts, and our newest boutique, The Cushing Trader.

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Cardinal Cushing Centers
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