More than a small New England boarding school with a beautiful campus, great facilities, and dedicated staff, Chamberlain is a community where students with life challenges learn to succeed with the support of skilled teachers, house parents and counselors.

Students leave Chamberlain better prepared in school and for life. They succeed at home, in school, and in life with our highly structured program and coordinated academic focus, residential care, and clinical support.

We work with boys and girls ages 11-20 and the following diagnosis: depressive disorders (especially bi-polar), aspergers, anxiety disorders, OCD, ODD, dual diagnosis: ADD/ADHD, LD, NVLD, Executive function, PTSD as well as a range of others.

Chamberlain serves students from a wide geographic area. We offer treatment for students in either a day or a residential setting, who have difficulties that effect learning and behavior. We are a private non-profit, coeducational, 766-approved residential school and licensed by the Massachusetts Office for Children and the Department of Education.

Chamberlain International School
John Mendonca
(508) 946-9348