Compass Rose Academy

The Compass Rose Academy was established in 2012 as a subsidiary of White’s Residential & Family Services, one of Indiana’s largest and oldest social services agencies with more than 160 years of experience serving troubled youth. It is licensed as a residential child care facility by the Indiana Department of Child Services and is accredited by the Council on Accreditation under. Through the Compass Rose Academy, White’s is expanding and strengthening its mission by serving students and their families from around the country from a distinctly biblical world perspective.

Located in Wabash, Ind., Compass Rose provides services that help equip teens and families with the resources and experiences they need to build emotional strength and improve family functioning. Through safe, structured and unified programs, families are challenged to work together to pursue more fulfilling, compassionate and respectful lifestyles.

The Compass Rose Academy includes a variety of prevention services in addition to a therapeutic boarding school to help students and their families succeed at home and in life. While the goal of the prevention services portion of the program is to uphold the general welfare of young people and families through training, support and short-term experiential learning opportunities, the goal of the therapeutic boarding school is to redirect, rebuild and restore students who are suffering from problems with school, home or family.

The therapeutic boarding school is a nine- to 12-month program managed by experienced professionals who provide students with counseling, teaching and other relationship-building activities involving leadership and teamwork. It is ideally suited for teenagers struggling with problems such as abuse recovery, depression, identity or body image issues, conflicts with peers or authority, social isolation or rejection, mild self-harm and school problems.


Compass Rose Academy

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