Ohana House is an emotional growth, sober/independent living home in Bend, Oregon. Our house is based on honesty, compassion and love. We work together to solve our individual challenges and give each other honest feedback. Everyone is treated as an individual and no one is judged or left behind.

At Ohana House, we become a tightly knit group that comes together to accomplish their dreams and goals. The young men and women learn to live in a family environment, where they work through their everyday struggles and successes with the loving support of the household. As a house, we go on a multitude of trips and find ourselves enjoying the simple activities of life.

Ohana House is where young men and women ages 17½ to 27 build a foundation of responsibility. The program requires a plan, made in collaboration with the family that integrates personal values and achievable goals. Within this safe, family environment, participants practice consideration of others, honesty and sound decision making skills. At Ohana House, young men and women are given the opportunity to transition to adulthood with dignity and grace.

We have twenty years of experience working with challenged teenagers, young adults and families. We offer consistent, attentive coaching. Our philosophy at Ohana House is that in order for young adults to find their inner goodness, respect and love for family, they need to be true to themselves and keep their word.

Core Values

Three values are core to the philosophy of Ohana House: respect for self and others, honesty and integrity with one’s word, and accountability for one’s actions and how they affect others. The young men and women who come to Ohana House often arrive with deep pain, confusion, disappointments and feelings that need to be expressed. By clarifying life values through the mentoring relationship and family environment, the young adults are supported with boundaries and life philosophy that create safety, nurture self-esteem and develop sound decision-making abilities.

Ohana House
Malia Mullahey, Director