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PostHeaderIcon ISPA 7th Anniversary Celebration Reception

ISPA 7th Anniversary Celebration Reception at the Boston Seaport Morton’s

May 2012

The independent Small Programs Alliance (ISPA) celebrated its 7th Anniversary with a reception in conjunction with the Independent Educational Consultants Conference in Boston on May 4th, 2012. The Reception was held at Morton’s Seaport in Boston and was attended by 79 Educational Consultants and members of ISPA.

The agenda at the reception included cocktails and heavy hors d’oeuvres and award presentations as well as an overview of each ISPA Member program and their services.

Andy Anderson, MRA made a presentation to the four founding members of ISPA, Beckett Family Services of New Hampshire, Building Bridges of Thomson Falls, MT, Chamberlain International School of Middleboro, MA and New Lifestyles of Winchester, Virginia. Anderson stated “these four programs stepped up and became the pioneers in an effort that has allowed smaller schools and programs to become competitive with large and conglomerate organizations. They have led the way for inclusion among providers.”

The night also marked a special award to a very special person and professional, Daria Rockholz, Ph.D. Daria has been a supporter of ISPA since its inception and is one of the most competent, caring, and hard working consultants in the business.

Daria’s work and commitment to Special Needs students was noted by ISPA Founder Andy Anderson as important, forward looking and powerfully compassionate. Anderson stated, “While Daria can seem a little shy at times, she is a champion of the educational and therapeutic services system and a godsend to families in need.”

Anderson then awarded Daria Rockholz the ISPA Distinguished Service Award. The reception was a huge success and noted the seven years ISPA has worked to promote and improve the Therapeutic Schools and Programs industry.

PostHeaderIcon Independent Small Programs Alliance (ISPA) – A Strategic Business Alliance

The Independent Small Programs Alliance was formed to give small/smaller programs the opportunity to compete with larger conglomerate organizations which have a marked advantage over single program operators in the private pay therapeutic/special needs environment.. The Alliance was founded in 2005 by Andy Anderson and Andy Anderson Consulting, Inc.

ISPA has focused on Therapeutic Programs and schools across the country who are family focused, highly ethical and displaying integrity in their service delivery and treatment of those served. ISPA programs and schools put treatment and education before profits. For that reason the process of finding a new member takes time and consideration. We only want the best programs involved.

The current members of ISPA include:

Alpine Academy located in Erda Utah, Building Bridges located in Thompson Falls, Montana; Cardinal Cushing Centers located in Hanover, Massachusetts; Dragonfly Transitions located in Klamath Falls, Oregon; F.L. Chamberlain International School located in Middleboro, Massachusetts; Germaine Lawrence located in Arlington, Massachusetts; Grove School located in Madison, CT, Lakeview School located in Effingham, NH; Mountain Valley Treatment Center located in Pike, New Hampshire; New Lifestyles located in Winchester, VA; Ohana House located in Bend, Oregon; Soltreks located in Two Harbors, Minnesota; Summit Preparatory School located in Kalispell, Montana; Wediko School located in Windsor, New Hampshire.

All of these fine programs are established and in good standing in the states in which they operate. Specific information on each program can be found at ispaaac.com, the ISPA website. Links to the programs/schools websites are available at the end of a program/school description on each member page on the website.

Quality, competence, caring, experience, understanding family’s first. That is what the Independent Small Programs Alliance stands for in its service to young people and families. Please review the ISPA website and familiarize yourself with the programs and schools available to serve young people. Our members serve adolescents and young adults, both male and female.

PostHeaderIcon Independent Small Programs Alliance at NATSAP Conference February 10, 2012

The Independent Small Programs Alliance (ISPA) looks forward to the NATSAP Conference February 9-11-2012 in Orlando, FL.

ISPA will be holding a dinner meeting on Friday February 10, 2012 to host Educational Consultants from around the US.

PostHeaderIcon ISPA Honors Linda Houghton for her Lifetime Achievement and Vision

ISPA Dinner in Dallas Honors Linda Houghton for her Lifetime Achievement and Vision

Dallas Petroleum Club – Dallas, Texas

November 11, 2012

The Independent Small Programs Alliance (ISPA) Held a dinner meeting at the Dallas Petroleum Club in Dallas, Texas. The event was attended by more than 70 professionals including Independent Educational Consultants, members of the ISPA Alliance and honored Linda Houghton, a founder of the Mt. Bachelor Academy and King George School.

The evening was fabulous as the Petroleum Club of Dallas is one of the premier private clubs in America. The view of Dallas from the 39th floor where the Club is located was breathtaking.

Andy Anderson, ISPA Founder noted the many accomplishments of Linda and the impact she had and continues to have on the private pay special needs/emotional growth industry. He also noted that she had received little public acknowledgement for her worth and ISPA wanted to correct that situation.

He presented Linda with a crystal obelisk and thanked her on behalf of the many families she positively influenced and all the young people she directed to a positive life.  Her work and her impact will be felt by many future generations.

Linda spoke briefly and shared her thanks for the recognition and the love and warmth she felt from the audience. The event ended with awesome deserts after a fabulous dinner and attendees took pictures and spoke to Linda offering their thanks for all she has done.

PostHeaderIcon ISPA Awards for 2010

The following is a copy of the speech given by Andy Anderson at the ISPA Awards Dinner held at the Metropolitan Club in Covington, Kentucky November 4, 2010

I honor and respect everyone in this room. Regardless of the geography from which you come, the Universities you attended or the letters after your name, the size of your bank account, your race, your gender, your sexual orientation, the successes you have experienced, or mistakes you have made in your life. Regardless of your oversights, you’re disabilities or your juxtaposition to pain, suffering or joy.

Because you care, join in the battle for families and young people, stand and share, help and support, counsel and protect, teach and seek to also learn. For this I honor and respect the professionals in the room. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Summit Preparatory School Joins The Independent Small Programs Alliance

The Independent Small Programs Alliance (ISPA) announced today that Summit Preparatory School of Kalispell, Montana has joined the alliance. Summit Prep is a non-profit coed Therapeutic Boarding School serving 14-18 year olds.

The Independent Small Programs Alliance is a strategic business alliance of independent like-minded schools and programs sharing strong ethical principles, marketing strategies and business goals.

Summit Preparatory School was founded in 2003 and features world-class facilities and an experienced and outstanding professional staff. The facility is housed on 500-wooded acres. Read the rest of this entry »