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PostHeaderIcon ISPA a Sponsor of NAROPA Once Again in 2007

ISPA was once again a sponsor of the NAROPA Wilderness Symposium held in Boulder, Colorado September 6-9, 2007. Rob Meltzer, Ed Consultant and the driving force along with Naropa University Staff planned and pulled off a great conference.


It is a mix of classroom type sessions and in the wilderness hands on and feet in the air adventures! There is something for everyone regardless of their age, wilderness ability or fear of heights.

It is getting better and better at NAROPA. It is also getting bigger and I am not sure how big it can get without losing some of the down-to-earth karma that has made the conference relaxed yet chopped full of knowledge and wisdom of the presenters.

There was a nice mix of wilderness professionals, residential professionals, Educational Consultants, students from NAROPA and other interested and inquiring minds. The eclectic workings made for one of the most enjoyable conference this experienced (34 years in our industry and counting).

ISPA plans to stay involved and encourages other groups and programs/schools to do so. It is a wilderness symposium, but there is a nice focus of the relationships between wilderness, RTC, Boarding Schools and the entire continuum that is open to our families.

Rob, NAROPA University, the sponsors and participants are bringing our service delivery and understanding of one another, closer together.

NAROPA is scheduled for September 12-14, 2008 at NAROPA University in Boulder, Colorado.

PostHeaderIcon Andy Anderson Presents at NATSAP Rocky Mountain Regional Conference in Sandpoint, Idaho

Andy Anderson, Managing Partner of ISPA was asked to make a presentation on Crisis planning and Crisis Management at the NATSAP Rocky Mountain Regional Conference in

Sandpoint, Idaho on May 5, 2007.

Anderson has a great deal of experience in Crisis Planning and Crisis Management. He is also a trained Media Relations and Media Spokesperson. An area that is often overlooked or too scary to deal with, Crisis Management is not nearly given the attention and serious study that other aspects of organizational development and management do.  Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Dana Dean Doering and Martha Moses are Recipients of the Independent Small Programs Alliance (ISPA) Visionary Award for 2007

On April 24, 2007 the Independent Small Programs Alliance (ISPA) Visionary Award was co-presented to Dana Dean Doering and Martha Moses at the ISPA Dinner Meeting at the Union Club in Boston, MA just prior to the IECA Conference.

ISPA has four (4) Awards that may be given in any calendar year. The awards are – The Distinguished Service Award (Lon Woodbury and Struggling Teens received this award in 2007), The Gem Award (Leslie Goldberg received this award in 2007), The ISPA Visionary Award, and The Courage Award – awarded to a program or school showing exemplary leadership, courage in executing its business plan and focusing on the young people and families served before profits. This award has not yet been given in 2007. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon ISPA Holds Dinner Meeting on April 24, 2007

Once again ISPA pulled off an outstanding Dinner meeting. The Dinner was held at the Historic Union Club overlooking Boston Commons in conjunction with the IECA Conference in

Boston, April 25—28, 2007.The Dinner was well attended with a showing of 23 Educational Consultants and 19 ISPA Representatives. The evening included a cocktail party followed by a fabulous meal of which highlights included sliced tenderloin and Chocolate Strawberries.  Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon First Annual ISPA Gem Award

At a Dinner Business Meeting of the Independent Small Programs Alliance (ISPA) on January 31, 2007 in La Jolla, California, the First Annual “ISPA Gem Award” was given to Leslie S. Goldberg, M.Ed., CEP and President of Leslie S. Goldberg & Associates LLC and the Goldberg Center for Educational Planning with offices in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York.

This award was given at the ISPA Dinner Meeting attended by 53 Educational Consultants, ISPA Members and friends of ISPA. An Educational Consultant, other Professional, a School or a Program receives the “ISPA Gem Award” for selfless service, professionalism, leadership and compassion.  Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon ISPA Announces Four Annual Awards

These awards will be given on a yearly basis or as seen appropriate by The Independent Small Programs Alliance (ISPA), a growing strategic business alliance of 14 independent schools and programs. ISPA strives to give added depth and marketability and the synergy needed for independent programs to strengthen and grow in a market in which larger and conglomerate organizations exercise great influence and marketing capability. ISPA members often compete with one another, but believe that level competition is a good thing. Read the rest of this entry »