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Residential Treatment Centers

ISPA member residential treatment centers include: Alpine Academy, UT;  Heritage School, UT;  Latham Centers, MA;  Ohana House, OR; and Home-Based Residential Programs (Building Bridges, Inc., MT) where treatment, therapy and education are presented in a milieu of normalcy and understanding that individuals experience individual problems.

The means to dealing with these problems is through not only [...]

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Latham Centers: A Healing Destination

Latham Centers:  A Healing Destination

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by Mark Freado, President, Reclaiming Youth International

Latham Centers is a nonprofit organization located on Cape Cod, in Brewster, Massachusetts.  Latham is a residential school that provides therapeutic services for a challenging group of students.  For the past five years, Latham Centers has been involved with Reclaiming Youth International to ensure [...]

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