Andy Anderson, MRA, Founder and President of ISPA announced today that Cedar Ridge Academy has become a member of the Alliance. Cedar Ridge Academy has a 16 year history of excellent service to families and young people in need of top level residential, educational and clinical services.
Rob Nielson and Wes Nielson started Cedar Ridge Academy and they remain dedicated to the belief of using the least restrictive measures necessary to induce change. Cedar Ridge Academy emphasizes increasing autonomy and self-management on the part of the students while at the same time providing close adult supervision and monitoring.

Cedar Ridge Academy serves young people exhibiting the following issues and behaviors; school problems, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, grief & loss, childhood trauma, relationship problems, family conflict, body image issues, substance use or abuse angry or defiant behavior.

Andy Anderson, MRA stated, "I have known Rob and Wes Nielson for eleven of their 16 years in business and I know them to be honest, highly competent, sensitive to the needs of families and never satisfied with base performance or work that is less than of the highest standard. When I was Executive Director at NATSAP, Rob, Wes and Pam Nielson were always there and worked hard to support the industry as a whole. I am very proud to have them as our newest ISPA Member."

Cedar Ridge Academy is a solid provider with the experience and skills to make major changes in Special Needs Families and is located in a serene location in Northeastern Utah at the base of the Uintah Mountains. Cedar Ridge Academy is in a most therapeutic location and position in the industry to carry on their work.

For more information on Cedar Ridge, contact: Steve Miller, Wes Nielson or Rob Nielson at 435-353-4498

 Cedar Ridge Academy is a nonprofit boarding school for grades 9 through 12. Our flexible academic design allows students to accelerate their learning, achieve academic success, and actualize their inner potential.